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Toulouse: the pink city of a thousand flavours

Between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, the heart of the South-west beats in Toulouse.

A perfect combination of lifestyle and history, surrounded by magnificent scenery, Toulouse is genuinely charming with its southern 'midi' accent. The former capital of the Languedoc, today the pearl of the Occitanie region, Toulouse has shone in France for a very long time. The voice of history still rings out on every street corner: the 'pink city', thus named because of the colour of the specific clay brick of the region, displays the struggles of history and time.

The golden age of the city, between the 12th and 15th centuries, gave it its finest convents, like the Cordeliers and the Jacobins. Lovers of art and architecture will enjoy strolling around the Place du Capitole, built according to the classical canons of the 17th century, and through the streets of this city of shimmering colours.

The character of Toulouse also comes from its emblems, which have made it famous throughout France. Its rugby team, Stade Toulousain, has conquered the world of rugby, and its gastronomy is hearty and delicious. For Epicureans, Toulousain cassoulet remains a highlight of every holiday. Try its local variations, from Toulouse, Castelnaudary or Carcassonne. In addition, its vineyards produce some of the best under-rated treasures of France.

From the Garonne to the Mediterranean, the Canal du Midi, an exceptional work of 17th-century engineering, offers the charms, surprises and leisurely pace of the inland waterways. Finally, about an hour from Toulouse near the regional Causses du Quercy park, you will have the opportunity to spend a night in the trees, close to the stars. Between gastronomic delights, historical strolls, and excursions to the surrounding countryside, enjoying the good life in Toulouse is assured.

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