Special conditions


Taxes and fees are included in the price, except for cases where local airport taxes are accrued, which are then charged upon check-in. Flexible La Première and Affaires rates (First Class and Business Class) are valid for one year and you can change or cancel your tickets free of charge. Attractive rates for La Première and Affaires (First Class and Business Class) are subject to certain conditions, such as advance booking periods and maximum stay etc. Changes made to bookings and cancellations of bookings are generally restricted and fees are charged for these. Attractive Premium Voyageur rates (the class of travel between Business and Economy Class) are available on long-haul flights, on flights to Europe, North Africa (exception: Algiers) and Israel. Premium Voyageur passengers enjoy preferential check-in and a baggage allowance of 30 kg, as is the case in Business Class. Flexible rates in Voyageur (Economy Class) allow you to travel in a flexible manner. Rates are valid for one year and the tickets can be changed or cancelled free of charge with Air France. Attractive rates in Voyageur (Economy Class) are offered according to availability for the chosen destinations, flights and dates. These are subject to special conditions for changes in the booking or cancellations made prior to departure from Germany. Certain rates do not allow either changes in the booking or refunds. You will receive more detailed information during the online booking. Please note: no reductions for children/infants are granted for certain attractive rates. These conditions can vary depending on the destination and travel time. If you wish to request a refund for a ticket purchased at a travel agency, please contact your travel agency first. They have all the information necessary to process your refund. In case of any difficulties, our customer service remains at your disposal. You can reach them from the Contact Us page.

Baggage regulations

The baggage allowance is 20 kg in Voyageur (Economy Class), 30 kg in Affaires (Business Class) and 40 kg in La Premiere (First Class). Additional baggage allowance for Flying Blue Elite members: Silver +5 kg Gold +10 kg Platinum +20. If your baggage exceeds the above weight or if you wish to bring an additional item of baggage with you, excess baggage charges shall apply and these must be settled during check-in. For trips to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Papeete and to certain destinations in Africa, the piece concept of 2 x 23 kg of baggage applies. For Flying Blue Platinum card holders the piece concept of 2 x 32 kg allowance applies. With immediate effect, passengers can purchase excess baggage at more affordable rates, if they check in online at www.airfrance.com. Excess baggage rates during online check-in are 30% cheaper than the rates that are charged at the airport.

Issuance fees when booking online

All flights that are booked at www.airfrance.ch include taxes, fees and 0 CHF Issuance fees. For payments with a credit card a fee of 11 CHF for medium haul flights and of 22 CHF for long haul flights per passenger is applied. This fee is not refundable.


If you are traveling from Paris to mainland China, you must perform a Covid-19 PCR test and a serological test (IgM) in Paris. This rule also applies if you are in transit in Paris. If the results of these tests (PCR, IgM or both) are positive, you will not be able to continue your trip to China. In this case, your flight ticket for the trip between Paris and China will no longer be valid. You will have to contact our customer service to modify your ticket and, if necessary, return to your country of departure as soon as your situation allows it.

Cancellations and changes

If you would like to change or cancel your booking access “Manage your bookings” on our homepage. Depending on the rate, cancellation charges or alteration fees may apply. However, no additional Issuance fee will be made.

Order of use of flight coupons

A ticket is only valid for use as fare for the route stated on the ticket, beginning with the departure airport, via the stopover locations agreed on acquiring the ticket and as far as the destination intended. The use of the entire fare is a significant component of the transport contract. The termination of any sections of this journey (coupons) is not contractually permitted. Changes made to the departure or destination airport for the journey by the passenger (e.g. if he/she does not use the first coupon) may result in a change in the rate that applies. Many rates only apply for the dates and flights specified on the ticket. If necessary, you can change these by paying a supplementary rate. Status: 02.08.2010.

Ticket use

The fare is applicable for a ticket used fully, in sequential order for the specified journey and on the specified dates. As outlined in the General Conditions of Carriage, any non-compliant use noticed on the day of travel may incur an additional fixed-rate fee at the airport for the amount of: - for flights in Europe (including Metropolitan France and Corsica) € 125 in Economy and €300 in Business; - for intercontinental flights € 500 in Economy and Premium Economy and € 1.500 in Business and La Première (or the equivalent in the local currency) .


The Passenger is informed that in the event of a breach of Article 15 (Conduct aboard aircraft) of General Conditions of Carriage and in accordance with the provisions of their Article 9 (Refusal and limitation of carriage), he or she may be registered on a list of persons subject to a travel ban aboard the Air Carrier's aircraft under the Authorization n°2016-240 by the CNIL (French data protection authority).